Alexander. Founder.

What gets measured gets improved.

Peter Drucker

On my second final year at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute (MGCI) I took all possible elective courses in Computer Engineering. Being bored with C++ and Assembler, I decided to take courses from Business field. This got me into Accounting. Shortly, a course new to me got me intrigued, and I scored 90% on my tests. After graduating from MGCI I continued into Business Administration – Accounting program at a George Brown College.

George Grown College offered a strong and comprehensive program in Accounting, so in my second year of college studies in 2005, I built confidence and started offering basic accounting and tax services. Realizing that I enjoy working in the accounting field, I continued studying Accounting first at Ryerson University, and then at the University of Ottawa.

At this point, I had a solid client base and was serving medium-sized construction firms. Staying current with taxation and accounting standards made me curious to learn forces that shape taxation legislation and accounting standards. This is how my temptation to learn new material woke up again, making me transfer to the Public Administration program where I studied advanced topics such as Theory of Public Organizations, Public Budgeting, and Policy Making Process.

By 2016 I had diversified education background that included: Computer Engineering, Accounting, Management, and Public Administration. Remaining myself – thirsty to study more – I continued studies up to Master’s in Business Administration, which brought my academic pursuits to the logical conclusion.

In 2017, I graduated from Concordia University with 1-year Master’s in Business Administration and aptitude to move my accounting practice to the next level, and to bring a contribution to the society.

After incorporating my sole-proprietorship in 2019 I focused on implementing my plan: to provide accounting services specialized for rental and construction businesses.


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