To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt? That’s not a Question!

Vera Crypt and How to secure Taxpayer Data Instructions

This post will help to set-up secured environment for digital files containing confidential information.

1. Power-up File Encryption with VeraCrypt

To set-up an encrypted environment, we will use VeraCrypt encryption software. It can be downloaded from this location. Once VeraCrypt was installed, and the encrypted file container was set-up, follow these steps:

  1. Insert USB Key dedicated for storing taxpayers’ files with encrypted file container saved on it.
  2. Start VeraCrypt program (Double Click on Vera Crypt icon on your desktop).

You should now see VeraCrypt program open.

  1. Click on Select File button. It will get you to Open File dialogue. Browse to your CVITP dedicated USB key.
  2. Click on CVITP (E) USB key drive, and select the CVITP Tax Returns encrypted file container.
  3. Click Open

At this point, the path to the encrypted file should be visible in drop-down list. Next step is to select the drive letter under which the encrypted file will be mounted.

In the Volumes List, select the drive letter to use for mounting encrypted file. For example, let’s select drive H:

  1. Select Drive “ H “
  2. Click Mount button to mount selected encrypted file container
  3. Enter the Password, and click OK

It can take several seconds to mount encrypted file container. Once process finishes, the encrypted file container should be mounted under Drive H: This drive H: will be destination for storing taxpayers files.

To access encrypted drive H: do the following steps:

  • Open the File Explorer
  • Select My PC, click on down arrow to populate all folders and drives. Down this list locate an item that says Local Disk H:
  • Click on drive H:, and you should see the files and folders encrypted on it.

We will store taxpayers files in a folder CVITP 2018. Create this folder if it doesn’t not exist yet.

2. Tax Software and Taxpayer’s File

To be added ...

Credits: John MacMillan for compiling initial list of instructions.