What CVITP Volunteer is required to do?

As a volunteer with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, you agree to:

  • protect the taxpayer’s privacy by never using or divulging any information provided by the taxpayer for any purpose other than the preparation of his or her income tax and benefit return;
  • offer my services free of charge and decline any monetary reward that may be offered to me;
  • return the completed income tax and benefit return to the taxpayer directly, or to the community organization;
  • not keep any copies of a taxpayer’s income tax and benefit return (paper or electronic);
  • have the taxpayer sign Form TIS60, Community Volunteer Income Tax Program – Taxpayer Authorization and return it to the taxpayer;
  • only use the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program tax software to prepare returns for eligible taxpayers;
  • not use the tax software for monetary gain;
  • not copy or allow copies to be made of the tax software;
  • encrypt taxpayers’ returns using the tax software and save electronic copies only on an encrypted USB flash drive, and transmit the return to the Canada Revenue Agency within 48 hours of preparation;
  • delete all electronic copies of the taxpayer’s return, no later than 48 hours after its transmission to and acceptance by the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • allow the CVITP to share my contact information and registration approval with my affiliated community organization(s), or with other CVITP community organizations in my area if I require assistance to become affiliated; and
  • allow the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to make sure that I meet the security requirements to become a volunteer.