Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

I. Register Yourself as a Volunteer and Get Affiliated with Alexandre Comptabilité Spécilisé Ltée.

Do you like helping people, need the experience to add to your resume, or simply enjoy doing tax returns? Volunteer at our free tax clinic to complete tax returns for eligible people in Ottawa-Gatineau area.

To volunteer at our free tax clinic, you must be affiliated with our organization that participates in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

What your task of the day will be?

As a volunteer, you will complete tax returns for eligible people who have a modest income and a simple tax situation, or help direct taxpayers.

You can volunteer as often as you want. The busiest time is tax season, from the end of February to early May, but many people need help throughout the year.

Some experience doing tax returns is helpful, but you will be given web-based training about volunteer responsibilities, taxes, and how to use the tax software. More detailed responsibilities of a volunteer can be viewed here.

3 Steps to Get Yourself Registered

In order to get yourself ready on time you have to register or renew your registration between the third week of October and the beginning of February. If you register later than this, you may not be able to get training or get your EFILE approval in time.

Registration can be done in 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the online registration form with CRA.
State that you plan to volunteer with Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Lteé.

In addition, fill out this volunteer Registration Form with Alexandre Comptabilite Specialise Ltee.

Step 2: Register for separate volunteer EFILE
To file tax returns electronically (recommended), you must apply for an EFILE account or renew your existing account. Do this early, since it can take up to 6 weeks to process your application. You will be notified by email or letter when you are approved.

Step 3: Meet security requirements
To meet security requirements, you must be approved to use EFILE (recommended) or give your community organization a valid police records check (less than 3 years old).

Another registration link.

II. Complete Training

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec offer online training in a totally new format this year. The list below contains key training reference material.

  1. Use this file E-Menu or register for workshops here
  2. Training Program

III. Obtain the Tax Software

  1. Download tax software.
  2. Use the installation key provided to you by Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée.

Contact Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée for more information at (343) 202-2043 or

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