Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée.

Accepting Clients for 2019 Taxation Year.

Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée is accepting clients for the 2020 taxation period. Services tailored for employed, self-employed, and incorporated individuals with basic reporting needs.

We go one extra mile by doing the following:

  • Bring your bookkeeping up-to-date
  • Optimize efficiency of your accounting system

Services that we provide:

  • Bookkeeping and year-end accounting
  • Preparation of income tax return for the employed/self-employed person
  • Preparation of income tax return and compilation of financial statements for incorporated business
  • Preparation of HST/QST and Payroll Source Deductions returns

Contact Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée for more information at (343) 202-2043 or